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A splash of color

Our white house needs a bit of color! Here’s a start…       Just a few scraps of fabric, a cardboard …



Apparently I’m into quickies these days…             Maybe I want to catch up for lost time?

Bits and pieces

This week I used some scraps of fabric to make those two quickies: * a phone cover for the husband:     …



This weekend we raised our glasses to the almost-end of our renovations. It’s finished enough to put my sewing machine back in …


Hip hip hip!

A little something extra for a very lucky birthday girl!


First set of new Jacobs

D&N only have 3 sorts of trousers left: the ones they grew out of, the ones made of holes or the winter …


This is the end

School year is over. No more sewing class this year. I finished my trousers just in time. No sewing classes next year …


Night work

I see Anna tomorrow! With all those renovations, I didn’t even take the time to make her a gift for her 2nd …


Minty fresh cushion

The renovations to our house have started. We’re camping on the first floor with a (very basic) kitchen in our garage. My …


Little jaguar’s cushions

I have several projects in progress that doesn’t seem to get finished… Today, finally, I found the last minutes I needed, to …