Wedding day Theo

The boys had to look sharp for a wedding last weekend. Some time ago I decided to make them a shirt. I was a bit scared because I already tried it twice and never understood how a collar really works. Once for their pajamas (the teacher sewed both herself in class with little extra information) and once for my blue shirt (I never understood the pattern and had to improvise in the end). Third time lucky: I ordered Theo by Zonen 09 and once again I’m hooked. Making Jacob over and over and over and over again was fun, Theo was a blast! IMG_2132 DSC00573 IMG_2138The bow tie is a Nondedju. I made just a few changes to make it a bit smaller for the boys and I told them they would look like Stromae. Nemo was impressed and couldn’t wait for the big day. Diego was very clear: he would never wear it! On the big day: Nemo put it on himself, Diego agreed to wear it for one hour… In the end Nemo took it off at church and Diego wore it the whole day, in his own way, loosely around the neck (not on his shirt). He didn’t even want to take it off to play… DSC00623

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